Week 74- Great Things Are Happening Here!

Well this week was crazy busy, which is a really good thing!
It started out with doing service for a member on Tuesday. We
helped her move. She had a lot of stuff and there weren’t very many of
us so it took longer than expected. It was definitely a workout! She
has so many staircases in her new house we had to go up and down up
and down. She was so glad that we came to help. She was really
stressed out that the people she asked to helped back out at the last
minute and she wasn’t sure if she was going to be out in time. We,
being the youngest ones there, were able to move a lot faster than the
other 3 that were helping.
Wednesday night we drove to State College to do my first exchange
as a Sister Training Leader again. I was in State College with Sister
Wyasket. It is such an awesome place. The university there is Penn
State. There is so much diversity the there in the student population.
It is also a walk/bus area so it reminded of good ol’ Swissvale 🙂
Exchanges went awesome! We went to try a potential of their’s
named Meng Meng. She was home and invited us in. She moved here from
China a couple of years ago. She didn’t much knowledge or
understanding about God or Christ so we ended up teaching her about
Christ right then and there. I felt like she and I really connected.
The Spirit was so strong. The Spirit was inspiring me to know how I
should explain things so that it made since to her. Meng Meng was
willing to meet with the sisters to learn more about the gospel. At
the end she asked us how she could find peace in her life. I smiled at
her and told that by listening to the sisters and living the gospel
that they teach her she would peace in her life.
We had an open house here in Lock Haven at our Branch building. It
went ok. E turnout wasn’t quite what we wanted, but I think we needed
more time to prepare and to publicize it a whole lot more. It was a
great idea though and next time we know how to do it better. We set up
posters of facts and pictures of our church all in the building. It
was wonderful to see. Hopefully we can get more to see it the next
time they do it.
Yesterday we had Branch Conference. It was great! I sang a solo
in sacrament meeting while Sister Ludwig accompanied me. I sang “Ye
Elders of Israel”. I don’t know why, but I was so nervous. I guess I
haven’t done something like that in a really long time. I just prayed
for the strength and the ability to be calm and that the Spirit would
touch their hearts as I sang.
The most awesome thing of this week is that we set our
investigator Wendy with a baptismal date! Yay! She is working towards
July 11th. She told us that she wants to be baptized, but she is
afraid of what some family members might think. We asked her if she
has prayed about it.she said yes. We then asked what she felt as she
prayed. She said that she feels like she should, but then a voice says
not to. We told her to not listen to the other voice and do what is
right. I felt prompted to invite her to be baptized and I did. She
said yes and we set her for July 11th. Cool thing is is that yesterday
at church she asked us where she could go learn more about baptism. We
gladly told her where. It made me so happy to see that she is thinking
about baptism and she desires to learn more about it to prepare
herself for it.
Froun is doing really well. We had a great lesson on the Plan of
Salvation. We were planning to teach the restoration and then she
brought up the three kingdoms because she remembered other sisters
teaching her about it, but she wanted to know more. I could tell that
she was definitely feeling the spirit during our lesson. The Spirit is
definitely working on her!
We are also teaching a 13 year old named John. He is super
awesome. He is the son of a member and he really wants to be baptized.
He has to get permission from his dad before he can be. It amazes me
at how well he can understand the scriptures. I definitely did not
understand them at his age.
It was just a great week. The branch is awesome and we are
working on making it bigger!
Shout out to my pops, Happy Father’s Day on Sunday! I know it’s early
but better early than late 🙂 Thanks for being the best dad a little
girl could ask for!
I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Jones

Sister Wyasket and I on exchanges in State College

Sister Wyasket and I on exchanges in State College


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