Week 70- The Gospel Is True!

Well this week started off with a bang! Monday night we went on exchanges with our STLs. I went to Hanover, which is near Gettysburg and Sister Wilson took over Carlisle for the first time. She was super nervous about it, but I told her that she would do great. And she did! They had an awesome day here in Carlisle and picked up a new investigator. Monday I noticed a red dot on my arm, but didn’t think anything of it because it was small and I didn’t know where it came from. I woke up Tuesday morning with 3 huge raising red marks on my arm and one on my face with another forming. I was freaked out! My first thought was shingles because last Sunday we visited a lady who had shingles. I didn’t touch her or get close to her but I started to second guess myself so I told my STL and we went to the urgent care just to be safe. I met with the PA and it turned out it wasn’t shingles, apparently I was having an allergic reaction to something. I don’t know what caused it, but all the red dots went away after a couple of days. I said a bazillion prayers that morning so I am grateful that Heavenly Father heard my cries 🙂
Being in Hanover was a lot of fun. Sister Talbot, who I was with, has been helping a member do physical therapy. His whole body is basically paralyzed except for his left arm and he can move his head from side to side a little. It was really cool because I got to help with the physical therapy. She told me what to do I went right along. She has been doing exercises to help strengthen his arms. It is crazy because he is actually really strong he just can’t move his body himself.
While out on exchanges we ended up finding a less-active family that she didn’t know where they lived. We went to go see one of their investigators and she wasn’t home so we talked to her neighbor who was outside. It turns out that the neighbor was living with members, she didn’t know and neither did we. It was cool to see that we were at the right place at the right time. The members actually pulled up while we were talking with the lady that lives with them. The members said that they would love to have us come by again.
We did some more service for Sister Bailey in our ward. We helped her make some tutus for her daughters running team. Afterwards she fed us some more Japanese food. It was somen noodles with a really tasty broth. We eat it with chop sticks! You pick up noodles, put them in your little bowl filled with broth, pick up the bowl and put the noodles into your mouth. It was really good! I get foreign food without having to go out of the country 🙂
Our investigator Buddy is doing good. Our only concern is that he hasn’t been reading the Book of Mormon. During the last lesson we had with him we told him that he couldn’t expect an answer from God about the Book of Mormon if he wasn’t even reading it. Just like we can’t expect a teacher to tell us all the answers to a test. We have to do the work in order to find the answer.
Things have been going so well with Chris and Christine. It has been incredible to watch the change within Chris. They are both trying to figure things out, but I think Chris has a greater desire to know than Christine. Our STL who was here with Sister Wilson got to see Chris while on their exchange. She told us that Chris is different than the last time she saw him. She said that their is a light about him that wasn’t there before. I totally agree with her. I have been working with Chris since the beginning and there is something noticeably different about him. He is slowly but surely letting the light of Christ come to the surface again. The Spirit is working with him through that Light. The other day I asked them if that had both been praying and to my surprise they both said yes, every night. I was so thrilled to hear that. Chris says he doesn’t believe and that he hasn’t felt anything since he tried doing what we have said, but I know he has. Because why would he keep praying every night if he didn’t feel good or didn’t feel like it was helping. I know he has felt something he just hasn’t recognized it yet. Last time we went over he asked when we were coming back. Usually it is Christine or us that asks, but Chris actually asked this time. I love going to their place because everyone, even their friends, know why we are there. We tell them that we are going to read the Book of Mormon so everyone comes out on the porch and reads with us. Last time we had Chris, Christine, Zac, Kenny, John, and Mike all reading scriptures with us. All of them plus the 4 kids are coming to our Ward Memorial Day Picnic next Monday. I am super excited! This will be their first time at one of our Churches 🙂
Our new investigator Angie is awesome! She is 20 and married but her husband is in jail right now. She is so sweet. She has such a strong faith in Christ and she wants to learn as much as she can about Him. We gave her a Book of Mormon last week and when we saw her 4 days later she had read all the way to Mosiah 9. I was really impressed. She really likes reading the Book of Mormon. She told us that she was outside reading it when her friends to her to come over to a park that they were at. She told them she was reading so they told her to bring the book with. She did 🙂 We invited her to be baptized, but she said that she was baptized when she was little. We need to help her gain a testimony of the Restoration so that she can she why baptism by someone holding the Priesthood is important.
I probably say this every week, but I seriously LOVE being a missionary. It is so much fun to go around and talk with people about the gospel. I absolutely love seeing the change that comes as people feel the Spirit and they begin to live the gospel.
Our ward has been doing a 40 day fast for missionary work and we have definitely seen the blessings of it already. We started it this past fast Sunday as a ward and it will go until June 11. We are having success and so are the members!
I watched the most touching video the other day. Yinz should check it out! Service is the best thing we can. I love how the man says that “it’s interesting the dichotomy between healing the body and healing the soul. When we heal the body it is always an inward effort, we’re always paying attention to our self. When we heal the soul, turning inward doesn’t work and the triage of the soul is found in turning outward to other people.” That is so true. It we went to heal our souls we must turn to those around us and find ways that we can serve them. In the Book of Mormon King Benjamin teaches us : “And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom ; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” (Mosiah 2:17)
Go out and Just Serve!! Love you all!
Sister Jones

My allergic reaction

My allergic reaction

My allergic reaction

My allergic reaction

Japanese food :)

Japanese food 🙂


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