WEEK 69- It’s Like I Just Saw You Yesterday!

It was a great Mother’s Day yesterday! I loved getting to see yinz and for those I didn’t see I hope you had a fantastic day. Our sacrament service was amazing. It made me reflect on all the things my mom has done for me over the past 21 years. Let me tell you it is a lot! I have decided that Heavenly Father has spoiled me and given me the best mom ever!
This week was such a good week! We taught the most lessons this week since Sister Wilson and I have been together πŸ™‚
We saw a less-active named Mary. She just came back home from going through a really rough time of being at the hospital and in a nursing home. She is a diabetic and has really bad arthritis that makes is hard for her to do anything. She had to go to the hospital because she was malnourished and her health was deteriorating. Now that she is doing better a ward member asked us to go visit her. Mary is so sweet. She calls herself a grumpy old lady, but she has the sweetest heart. She can barely lift her arms to do anything and so we had to help her with cleaning her bed and preparing food so that it was easier for her to get to. I love getting to serve people. You really come to love them as you serve them.
We had a lesson with Paulo this week. It went really well. We talked about having an eternal perspective. Paulo tends to focus on the here and now, our goal was to help him expand his vision. We asked him what his goals were for the eternities. He didn’t really know. He mentioned that he has thought about being married to Victoria in the temple πŸ™‚ We read with him in Acts 9, the story of Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. We talked about how Saul’s perspective must have changed after he came to know the Lord. We gain an eternal perspective when we come unto the Lord. It is something that automatically comes as learn of Him and what He has done for us and what we can achieve because of it. As we were teaching I had a thought come into my head: Before Saul became Paul he had potential. He had potential to do a lot of bad in the world. He was strong in the sense of a man. He could accomplish things on his own. But when he came unto the Lord and became Paul his potential reached far greater. It now spanned into the eternities. It affected not only himself, but everyone that he taught the gospel to. He was helping them have eternal potential also. I told Paulo that he can accomplish things on his own, but by coming to the Lord and gaining an eternal perspective he will have so much potential to do good in Christ’s Church. The Lord needs Paulo to use his talents to bless the lives of God’s other children. We all have an eternal potential of becoming like our Father in Heaven. As we come closer to the Lord we will see it and want to do all that we can to achieve it.
Chris and Christine and doing great too! Chris prayed everyday but one day that he forgot. He told us that it didn’t really help. He felt like it only made his day worse. The night he didn’t pray he had a better day the next day. As he said this I wondered why that would be. I know that when I pray I always feel better. Then it came to me that as he has been praying all of the past sins that he hasn’t repented for are coming to the surface. As we talked with him he brought up the thought of, is God punishing me because of all the things I have done wrong. We shared with him the story of Alma the younger found in Alma 36. We talked about Alma being harrowed up with the memories of all his sins and he didn’t receive joy until he called upon the Savior to forgive him for the things he had done. We asked Chris if he had ever asked for forgiveness. He said no. We taught him about the atonement and how if we call upon the Savior He can relieve us from the burden of guilt. Chris said that it was selfish to let the Lord take it. We told him that it wasn’t. It was selfish to let him not. He has already suffered for it and by not accepting what He did you are saying that it wasn’t good enough. We bore powerful testimony of the Atonement and committed him to pray and seek for forgiveness. I know he will receive it if he truly desires it.
We had a break through with a less-active named Ashley. We saw her this week and she is doing so much better. She opened up to us and told us that she feels like she is stuck spiritually and that she isn’t progressing. She said she didn’t know what to do. Ashley does all she can to take care of herself in the world, but when it comes to taking care of the spiritual things she doesn’t do them. We challenged her to pray every day. She said that she would. We talked about coming to church. She said that she doesn’t like coming because there are too many people and she feels like they are all judging her. I thought about what to do and I told her that we could sit in the way back and she could seat on the end seat and we would sit right next to her. If she ever needed to get up she could walk out the door right next to her. She said that she would think about it but she wanted to give it some time before she came. We said that was ok. BY the end of the lesson she said I can’t go to church this week because I am going to see my mother, but next Sunday I will be at church. It was so awesome to here that! She hasn’t been to church in a long while so it was amazing to see how the spirit was working with her. She knows she needs to put the Lord first and everything will work out.
We have been talking with a lot of people and trying our best to find those whom the Lord has prepared.
I hope yinz enjoy the nice weather this week πŸ™‚
Sister Jones




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