Week 66- So Much Love in C-Love <3

So we just finished a transfer yesterday and now we have begun another one. I will still be here in Carlisle because this is Sister Wilson’s last transfer for training. Another six weeks it is!! Things have been going really well. We spent some time this week OYMing and it is always so much fun. I love walking around the streets and talking with the people here. The people of Pennsylvania definitely have my heart. Now that it has warmed up we don’t even need to knock doors because they all sit out on their porches.
We had a neat experience with OYMing. We drove around looking for where we wanted to park and start walking. We found a good spot, parked the car, got our stuff ready, said a prayer, and got out of the car. As I got out I could see this man sitting on his porch right where our car was parked. I knew that we needed to talk to him. His name was Kevin and he was from Jamaica. We talked with him for quite some time about the church and his beliefs. Kevin told us that a couple of weeks ago he was telling his mom that he needed to get back to church. He told us that he trusted us and that he really wanted to come and check out our church.
An investigator named Becky, who we haven’t seen in a while, called us this week and asked when we could come over. We had a lesson with her this week. She is a true Pennsylvanian in the fact that she can talk for days. Eventually we were able to bring her back on track and share part of the message of the Restoration with her. She told us that she wanted to know if Christ’s Church was on the earth again. We explained that we would be able to help her come to know that for herself. She has a lot of potential and we are going to try and set her with a baptismal date when we see her tomorrow.
We are still working with Braydan and Somer. We have been having a really hard time with getting them to church. We called Somer yesterday morning before church and made sure that she was up and getting ready. She told us that they would be there, but we never saw them at church.
We did have another investigator named Mark and his less-active wife Jean show up church. It was awesome! This time they stayed from Gospel Principles without us even asking them to. It was a great class. They love to share their thoughts during class and I can see that the Spirit is working with Mark. This week we are planning on inviting him to be baptized. He hasn’t ever been invited before, but we feel like it is time. The Lord has been preparing him and we hope that he is ready to accept.
Paulo hasn’t received his answer yet 😦 Sad day, BUT Victoria told us that they have been praying more and that Paulo finished watching the Blue Print of Christ’s Church that we committed him to watch. We asked her what she wanted us to do and what she thought Paulo needed. She said that she doesn’t know if Paulo is ready for it yet. I honestly feel the same way, but I don’t want to lose contact with them! Victoria said that she would talk to Paulo and see what he wants to do. So right now we are waiting to see what happens.
We had another cool experience with OYMing and with another Jamaican. We went to the Library to use the computers and it was a really rough day for me. I prayed to Heavenly Father to give me the strength and help me do His will that day. When we were walking out I saw this woman leaning over her trunk which was open. The Spirit told me to talk to her. She looked tired, so I asked if we could help her with anything. She told us that she was fine. I asked how her day was and she told us that she was tired because she has just gotten back from doing a 20 mile hike. I about died when I heard that! She began to tell us why she hikes and how it is a break from the corporate world that she works in during the week. That was a perfect segway into the gospel so I told her that that is what the gospel of Jesus Christ does for me. It strengthens me and gives me the rejuvenation that I need to live in this world. I asked her if she had a faith in Christ. She began to tell us that she did until her mom passed away 4 years ago. After that the things she once believed in she couldn’t believe in anymore. She wanted to know where her mother is and why we are here. I thought popped into my head to share the scripture Alma 40: 11-12 with her. I testified to her that we had the answers to the questions that she had. We have the answers because Christ’s Church has been restored through a modern day prophet. We have the fulness of the gospel and with this we know about the plan that God has for us. She then asked where do you think we go? I shared the scripture in Alma with her and she became intrigued even more. We had to cut it short because she had to go into the library to return things before in closed in 5 minutes. After all this we finally got her name which is Juliet. I asked her she would accept a Book of Mormon and if we could share more with her on another date. Juliet said yes, but that she wants two weeks in order to read from the Book of Mormon. As we walked away I felt so uplifted because I had felt the Spirit guiding me in all that I said. I knew that Heavenly Father placed Juliet there for me so that I could receive encouragement. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of each of us and He is always there to bless us in our time of need.
Yesterday at Church something really amazing happened with a member. This member is one that I love. A few months ago she fed us dinner and we shared a spiritual thought with her. After the thought she told us that while we were sharing it a thought came to her that she needed to ask her nonmember cousin if she could do the work for her son that had passed away a few years ago. We told her that we would love to help her in anyway that she needed. I told her that we would even role play with her so that she could practice. She isn’t a very open person when it comes to her feelings and so she turned us down for role playing and said that she would be ok, her sister could help her do it if she needed to. Well yesterday she came up to us after sacrament and asked if she could use some of our time after church to role play. I immediately said yes because I knew exactly what it was for. She told us that she was planning on doing it tonight and she had been thinking about it a lot and she just needed to get it out before she talked with her cousin. All during church I prayed that we would know how to help her be prepared to talk with her cousin. As we met with this member after church and role played with her it was so powerful. She could definitely feel the Spirit and she knew that it was what she needed to do. We were able to talk with her and help her refine what she was going to say. She cried as she practiced the last time and I wanted to cry too because I could feel the Spirit and I knew that the son of her cousin wanted his work to be done. I don’t know how it went talking to her cousin, but it was a great moment for me to see that we are here for the members too. I was so touched that she trusted us enough to come and ask us for help. I love this member and I love this ward so much!!
This has been yet another great week in Carlisle and I am so excited for another 6!! I love yinz and I hope yinz have the best week eva’!!

Sister Jones

Our last district photo. We will have some new members this week!

Our last district photo. We will have some new members this week!


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