Week 64- Sunshine, Rain, and General Conference…

What a great week especially with General Conference this weekend. I always love getting to watch Conference because I learn so much. This time I tried something that I haven’t in the past, I thought of questions that I would like answers to whether it was for me or people we are teaching and I brought them to Conference. I was actually able to receive answers to 5 out of the 6 questions that I had. It was amazing. Instead of copying down what they said word for word I wrote down what the spirit was telling me. Maybe something I needed to change, do better, or learn. I was able to get a lot of out of Conference this way. It was nice because we also got to watch it in member’s homes which is always nice.

Easter was fantastic. Another missionary said something funny. He said that our churches were the only churches yesterday with empty parking lots. Which is true everyone was at home watching Conference. Normally a lot of people who don’t normally go to church will go to church on Easter and Christmas because we focus on Christ those days. As Easter was approaching I was thinking about the importance of the Resurrection. I’ve realized that without it there would be no point to anything we do in this life. It would all amount to nothing because we would be stuck unable to return to our Heavenly Father. Without the Resurrection there would be no Christmas. I am so grateful for the Resurrection. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father has a plan for us and in that plan we will all be blessed with the gift of resurrection.

Yesterday we arrived at Somer and Braydan’s to ride with them to go to a member’s house and watch the first session of Conference. We rang knocked, and called with no answer. We tried the front door and back. It was so disappointing because we were so excited for them to be in an active member’s home and get to watch Conference. We aren’t giving up them, but we need to make sure that Somer is stepping up and getting more involved. Braydan went to Cub Scouts this week and he loved it! He had such a great time with the other boys and he had made some new friends in the ward.

Last Sunday we had this recent convert family, the Foultz family, visit our ward and refer their daughter who lives in our area. They told us that she is going through a rough time and they think that this is the best time to share the gospel with her. We went and saw Gloria this week. The meeting with her went really well. Brother and Sister Foultz couldn’t remember the exact house number but they gave us two to try. We tried one and got no answer so then we moved on to the other. It was a bunch of apartments so we walked into the main hall and knocked on her door. Gloria let us in and we talked for 20 minutes just getting to know her. She doesn’t believe in religion but she believes in God and Christ. As we talked I could tell that she had had a rough life and that she had never really felt loved in her life. I bore testimony that the Book of Mormon would answer the questions of her soul and that living the gospel would bring her more happiness and peace than she has ever known. She told us that she was open so I asked if we could come back and share more about the Book of Mormon. Gloria said yes. I know she is searching I can just feel it and see it. I know that the gospel is what she is looking for even though she doesn’t know it yet. I am excited to get to teach her this week.

Paulo and Victoria are doing well. He told us that he had a question for us. He said, “Say there is this really wicked man who kills people, robs people, and does all sorts of bad things. His mom is praying for him to get a job or get help. Would God answer his mother’s prayer and if so why? He doesn’t deserve help.” As he explained this scenario it reminded me of the story of Alma the elder praying for Alma the younger and God answering. So we turned to the story in Mosiah 27 and read that story. It was neat because we were able to use the Book of Mormon to answer the question that he had. I told him that the prayers of the righteous will be heard and answered by God, not necessarily in the timing they want nor the way they want. Earlier that morning I had read a book that said, “Those who deserve love the least usually need it the most.” I shared that with Paulo and bore testimony that those who are making poor choices needed our prayers more than anyone else.

We saw Calvin and Christina with our Bishop this week. The lesson went really well. We even had the two oldest boys CD, who is 6, and Matt, who is 5, sit in on the lesson with us. We found out that Calvin and Christina have a hard time with reading comprehension so they haven’t been reading the Book of Mormon. They do better when they listen to it. Bishop said that he could get them the Book of Mormon on tape. Bishop brought his ipad so that we could show them Because He Lives. We started the video and no one was paying attention and there were a ton of distractions going on. Calvin had to go help his grandmother so Bishop paused the video. When Calvin came back Bishop restarted it and this time he read the words to them. I know that reading the words was inspired. It really helped everyone in the family focus because they didn’t have to worry about reading or not understanding what was going on. At the end we asked how they felt and Christina said that she was almost going to cry. I know that they felt the spirit and that the Savior was there for them.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and General Conference. I love yinz so much!!

Sister Jones



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