Week 63- I don’t want to jinx it, but i think spring is here…..

This week flew by!! I can’t believe it is Monday again and that this transfer is already halfway over! Things are still going super good here in Carlisle (Side note: whenever I type or write Carlisle I always say Car-lis-lee in my head… Anyways!). Sister Wilson and I are working super hard and she is doing so good having only been out a month. The birds are singing, the snow is gone, and I’m not completely freezing. I think Spring might be here, but with Pennsylvania you just never know.
This week we saw Calvin and Christina. They are so awesome! I love them! They always love when we come over. We are working really hard to get them to church because they live about 40 minutes from the church and they don’t have the means to drive out to church every week. I have definitely realized that in the West we are spoiled. We have churches and temples left and right. But besides that Calvin and Christina are doing fabulous! They are understanding the lessons and participating a lot more. Calvin has even been reading out of the scriptures, which when we started he always said no. Now when he reads we tell him to read one verse and he ends up reading three or four, he just can’t stop 🙂 The other day during out lesson Christina stops in the middle and says, “I am really going to miss you.” I said, “What do you mean?” She said, “When you leave, I am really going to miss you.” I reassured her that I had a while left in Carlisle and that she didn’t need to worry. I really have come to love them and it is amazing how quick they come to love us too.
Somer and Braydan are doing really well too. We taught Braydan the Plan of Salvation and he absorbed it like a sponge. We asked him to tell it back to us and he could do it all by himself. During our lesson he gave THE cutest explanation of how kids come to the earth. This is what he said, “All of us were in heaven and Heavenly Father lined up all the parents and the kids got to pick. Then God sent the parents to earth and the babies were taken care of by the angels. When it was time for the babies to come to earth, the angels put the babies in a holy bubble and they were put in their mommies tummies.” He said this with the straightest face. I thought it was so cute and all of us cracked up laughing. This kid is amazing and he is super spiritual. He says his prayers every night and is excited to get baptize. Our goal is to get him involved in cub scouts and get him and his mom to church. They didn’t come this week… we have yet to find out why.
We had a really neat experience with OYMing the other night. It was about 8:20 and we tried to contact an old referral. She wasn’t home so we decided to walk around and talk to people since we were already in downtown Carlisle. As we were walking down the street I could see this guy walking towards us and I felt like we needed to talk to him. I stopped, said hello and asked how it was going. I paused to see if he would stop and answer, he did. I saw that he had a volleyball jacket on so I asked if he played. We then got to talking about that and school. Then he asked if we went to school, this led right in to getting to testify and share the Book of Mormon. I could definitely feel the spirit directing me what to say to him. By the end he was so excited and really interested learning. His name is Nisaiah. He told us that he has been thinking that he needs to get back to church and he wants his mom and sister to come too. It was such a cool moment for me to see that the Lord leads us where we need to be. We were in the right place at the right time to meet Nisaiah. It blows my mind to think about how He is leading us everyday to where we need to be, but not just us EVERYONE around us too. We are going to be meeting with Nisaiah this week. Hopefully all goes well! Funny thing, while talking to Nisaiah I asked if we weirded him out when we randomly stopped him on the street. He said, “Yeah at first because I didn’t know who you were.” I laughed and said, “We Mormons are a little strange, but that is because we want to share the joy we have with others.” He has a lot of potential and I think he could be prepared to accept the gospel!
Paulo and Victoria are funny as ever! We got to see them this week. We haven’t been able to set a time for the last two weeks. During that time Paulo has taken a few steps back and has stopped reading and praying. It makes me sad to see that. He feels that life is too busy and stressful right now. He has been working a lot and he is trying to find a new job. Paulo told us that he doesn’t want to stop meeting with us, but maybe when he gets a new job he will have more time to focus on learning. I don’t know if Paulo will be ready to be baptized any time soon, but I know he will be as soon as he humbles himself and turns to the Lord. I want to help him to the best of my ability. I have learned that I can’t make people do things, they have to want to do it themselves. We told him we will read the Book of Mormon with him until he is ready.
We had Zone Conference this week in Harrisburg. It was so spiritual and so much fun to see all the other missionaries. President and Sister Johnson were there as well. President and Sister Johnson like to include lots of music in our Zone Conferences so I got to be apart of some musical numbers with my district, zone, and a group of sisters. It was so much fun! I got see most of my old companions as well. Sister Stokes (my mom), Sister Zaugg (daughter) , and Sister Amendola (daughter) were all there. It was a missionary family reunion. Sister Stokes goes home in three weeks. That is so crazy! I can’t even believe her mission is almost over. It was good to get to see her though.
Saturday night we watched the General Women’s Broadcast. It is crazy that it is time for another General Conference. I feel like I was just watching it in Butler. It was really good though. I enjoyed it a lot. They talked so much about the importance of families and how they are of God. I know that to be true and I know that when a family is created in the right manner, blessings can be received now and in the eternities.
I am grateful for the knowledge that I have and for the blessings that come from being obedient. If we want lasting happiness we must live the gospel. Everything of this world is fleeting, but our Savior and His gospel is not. Our Savior came to this earth so that we could cultivate happiness here and reap eternal happiness in the world to come. It is Easter this coming weekend. It is a time to reflect on Savior, Jesus Christ, and what he did for us. The Church has this new initiative that is called Because He Lives. There is an amazing video that you all should watch and share with your friends and family.
Check it out at:

I know that my Savior lives and that I can always be with him if I am living a life like His.

Happy Easter yinz!!!

Sister Jones

 Never heard truer words. We always have a friend in Christ and our friendship will never die. (P.s. it was made in Butler PA!)

Never heard truer words. We always have a friend in Christ and our friendship will never die. (P.s. it was made in Butler PA!)

Our family reunion at ZOne Conference. 4 out of my 6 companions.

Our family reunion at ZOne Conference. 4 out of my 6 companions.


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