Week 57- I Love All The History!!

This past week flew by so quickly. The weather has been great! It has been a really weird winter. It has been cold, but nothing compared to last year. Pennsylvania just wanted to welcome me to the mission last year 🙂
We went on exchanges again this week. I got to go to the famous city of Gettysburg. I was with Sister Jones again!! It was a Jones squared day once again. It was really neat to get to see the battlefields and town (we only got to see the battlefields while driving past). But while there we did see the famous stop where Lincoln got off the train when he came to Gettysburg. I also got to see the famous hotel that all the Presidents stay in when they come to Gettysburg. The exchange went really well with the people that we saw. We saw this lady that considers herself a witch! That was pretty interesting. It was quite the visit, but it came down to the fact that she has her views and we have ours.
We have had some pretty cool experiences this week with teaching unplanned lessons. Wednesday we were out visiting former investigators and we ended up getting invited in by this elderly lady named Jackie and her husband Henry. They are in their 80s. Henry had a stroke a few years back and it effected his ability to speak. He can understand perfectly, but he has a hard time getting words out and it frustrates him. We started talking with them and getting to know them. Jackie would have to speak for Henry because he couldn’t get the words out. They asked us where our church was and then Henry stands up and says that he wants to come to our church. Jackie was hesitant. She wanted to go back to their old church which they haven’t been to in a while. Henry really wanted to come to ours so we taught them the plan of salvation hoping they would feel the spirit. As I started talking about the pre-existence and living with God before we came here, Henry said, “That is true!” and he looked at Jackie. As we continued to teach you could see it in Henry’s eyes that he was feeling the spirit. He really liked all the things we said. We finished the lesson and Jackie was still really reserved and she didn’t want to give up her old church. We left her with the commitment to pray about the Plan of Salvation. We’ll have to go back and see what her experience was. I love being able to see when people are feeling the spirit. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and I believe that. When I look into people’s eyes as I am teaching I can tell if they are feeling the Spirit.
On Wednesday we also had a lesson with our investigator Mark. He is doing really well. He had read 11 chapters of the Book of Mormon. Can you say AWESOME!!! He really liked reading it and he understood a lot of it. Mark is starting to make ties between the Book of Mormon and the Bible. He is connecting Jewish history and how the book is a true story. He thought that it was written in the 1800s and didn’t really realize that it was an ancient record. We talked to him about the importance of prayer. We used the stories that he had just read in the Book of Mormon to help explain how prayer helps. We talked about Nephi wanting to know about his father’s dream and what it all meant. In 1 Nephi 10: 17-20 it talks about how we come to know the truth through the Holy Ghost testifying to us. If we seek the truth we will find it. In the next chapter 1 Nephi 11: 1-6 it talks about how Nephi believed that the Lord would answer him so he spent time pondering the things his father had told him about his vision of the tree of life. He took the time to think about pray about his question and then came his answer. The Spirit came unto him and granted him an answer to his prayers. We testified to Mark that prayer is the way to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if this church is true. We committed him to pray about it. Mark went on to tell us that his church is starting to decline and that he isn’t being utilized in his position. These are all good signs that the Lord is preparing him to accept the gospel.
Another unplanned lesson happened on Thursday. We were going out trying to visit less-actives and formers and having no success. People were being rude to us and telling us not to come back and the whole shebang. But we decided to go see another less-active. There were no parking spaces in front of his house so we had to park farther down the street. As we were walking to his house I could see a lady sitting on her porch with a young kid. I felt like we needed to talk with her. I asked how her day was and if she was enjoying the weather. She was sitting out smoking on her porch with her grandson. She said it was cold and invited us in to get out of the cold. Of course we took the offer 🙂 We went in and ended up teaching her the Restoration. It turns out that once when she was in the hospital she didn’t have her Bible to read, but there was a Book of Mormon so she picked it up and started reading it. She really liked the things she was reading. It was neat to see that Heavenly Father unknowingly lead us to her. We thought we were going to see a less-active, but God used the information that we had to place us in the path of someone who is ready for the gospel. Heavenly Father literally preparing people all around us to be placed in our path so that we can share the gospel with them. We should take every opportunity we have to share the gospel!
We have seen our investigator Christine almost every night this week. She is doing well. She told us that she always feel more at peace and calm when we come over. We are making headway with her slowly but surely. She is hesitant to give up smoking and she wants to get married, but her fiancee doesn’t. He is complacent with just being engaged. It is a hard situation because they have four kids so she can’t really just up and leave, but we told her to pray about how to approach Chris about getting married. Sister Amendola have been praying for a miracle! Everything will work out in the Lord’s time. We are trying to help her see that the best way to know if the Word of Wisdom is true is to live it! She is making progress with it, but our goal is to get her to church when the baby is old enough to be taken around. She wants to do good and she wants to get baptized but there are some hurdles we have to get over first.
We have been getting more and more people to teach. The Lord is truly blessing us!
Some food for thought this week. One of our stake leaders in church yesterday said, “We are always waiting for the right time to share the gospel. The thing is, there is no right time. The right time is when you do it.” I know that to be true. We can give every excuse in the book as to why it isn’t the right time, but really the moment you decide to do it is the moment that is right. The Lord will bless you in your efforts to share the gospel!!
Being a missionary is the best! So many miracles each day and so many opportunities to help change people’s lives for the better.
I wish you all the best week ever!! Oh and have a Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ Love yinz 🙂

Sister Jones

 The train station stop that Abraham Lincoln got off when he arrived in Gettysburg

The train station stop that Abraham Lincoln got off when he arrived in Gettysburg

The hotel that all the Presidents stay at

The hotel that all the Presidents stay at


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