Week 56- A Little Snow Isn’t Going To Stop Me…

The weather outside is frightful, but sharing the gospel is so delightful!! Haha I know Christmas has passed but it was so fitting for this past week. It has been getting pretty cold here and snowing. Thankfully it has not been as cold as last year. By this time last year we were in the 15’s and 20’s, but it has been around the 30’s lately. Also remember that the humidity is a lot higher here so 30 degrees with a wind chill can bring it down to the 20’s or 15’s.
Not too much has happened this week, but we have been working hard to find new investigators. We have come up with some new approaches to talk to people on the streets. We have tried doing surveys downtown. We haven’t found any new investigators, but we have a few potentials to work with.
I read this awesome talk called “What Are Nonmembers Interested In?” from the October 1977 Ensign. It is fantastic. You should all read it. It is about research done on recent converts and why they joined the church. It breaks it down into three sections: preparation, introduction, and conversion. The three things people need to go through. This study helps us understand how much of an impact we as members can have on helping people join the church. It says straight up that missionaries aren’t the main reason why people join the church, it is because they knew someone in the Church and saw how the gospel blessed their lives. I know I have said this before, but members are so very important, more important than we missionaries are. From reading this talk and receiving my own personal revelation I know that the best way to help the work progress here in Carlisle is to work with the members. We were weekly planning this Friday and I had this thought come to me as we were thinking about how to help the members become more involved. “Why not call the members to be member missionaries?!” I remember how excited I was to get my call letter and put on a badge to be a missionary, so we typed up a call letter for each family and made little missionary badges to give to each family member. When we go to dinners we call each family to be member missionaries and ask them to help us in the work. Then we commit them to meet with us to make a family mission plan to help them, as a family, do missionary work in the year 2015. It has been going really well! The kids love it because they get missionary badges to wear around. I really hope that this inspires members to be more involved in the work! I know it was inspiration from the Lord because I have never thought of it before and I am trusting in Him that it will all work out in the end.
Check it out at:
Things have been going well with the people we are working with. Brian, our less-active, is doing great! He is still smoke free and he actually came to Book of Mormon class this past Wednesday! He text us and asked us to find him a ride. He enjoyed Book of Mormon class so much that he said he is for sure coming this Wednesday. He is progressing and our hope is to get him to come to Church.
Our investigator Mark is doing well also. He has come to church these past two weeks and he really enjoys it. Lessons are always a little rough with him and his wife because they talk so much! Sometimes it is hard to keep them on track, but we manage to bring it back to the lesson. We have been trying to help him become more comfortable with the Book of Mormon. He says he isn’t used to it like he is the Bible, but we tell him to keep reading it and it will become more familiar. Our setback right now is that he won’t pray about the Book of Mormon because he is afraid to change and he doesn’t see how we are so different from his Methodist Church. I feel really strongly that if we teach them about temples and eternal marriage that is something they will desire and it will help Mark feel the spirit.
We have this new less-active that has come out of the woodwork named Somer. She really wants to come back to church and get right with the Lord. She has an eight year old son, almost nine, who hasn’t been baptized and she really wants to help him learn about God and be baptized. Somer is super enthusiastic and is willing to do whatever it takes to come back. We had and appointment with her on Thursday, but she had a bad day and so when we came over she just asked us to pray with her. I offered the prayer and afterwards she said, “I felt that.” She felt a lot better afterwards. It is neat to see how the Spirit can change the mood so quickly.
Our investigator Christine is doing awesome! When we first started visiting her her house was not in good shape. You walked in and it was not a pretty sight. But each time we have come over the house has gotten better and better. The tv was always on loud, even though no one was watching it, and their were four dogs and five kids that were going crazy. These last few times we have gone it has been so quiet and peaceful. I asked her if she has felt a difference and she said it was so nice to have a clean home and have peace and quiet. I know that she has been feeling the Spirit and it is causing a change within her which is causing her to want to change the environment she is in.
I hit my thirteen month mark yesterday! It is hard to believe that over a year ago I was a brand new missionary still learning how to even be a missionary and now I am training someone who just started her mission.It blows my mind that I am becoming what is considered an “older missionary”. I thought it would take forever to get here, but I guess forever has passed because now I am here 🙂 I really want to make these next five months of my mission count! I want to be able to return home and say like Paul, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith…” (2 Tim 4:7) This has been my motto for the new year.
I wish you all a fantastic week! Keep reading, keep praying, and keep going to church. You’ll never go astray!
Love yinz!
Sister Jones


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