I can’t believe this week is Christmas. It’s really here. I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and taking time to reflect on our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Well. This week has been quite the adventure. I am not going to go into detail about everything because I am going to be talking to you in three days, so most of it will have to wait until then 🙂
But transfers were good. I am now in Carlisle, Pa with Sister Amendola. We are in one of the farthest areas on the east side of our mission. This place is beautiful! I love it! There is so much history here. A lot of the buildings are hundreds of years old. The houses are cute and quaint. Dickson College is also in our area. The campus is beautiful. One great thing about Carlisle is that we have a downtown area where we can go OYM people. Most of our time has been spent walking around the streets and talking to people about He is the Gift. The people here are very nice.
It has been crazy coming into a new area where neither of us know anything about the area. We have been making it work. We have picked up a couple of investigators and have seen some less-actives. There is always work to be done even when you don’t have a clue what to do. There is someone always ready for the gospel.
We have some fun things planned for this week and I will tell you about them on Christmas.
I have loved this Christmas season. It has been the first Christmas season that I have truly focused on my Savior, Jesus Christ. My faith in Him has increased and I am so grateful for the heavenly gift that Heavenly Father blessed us with. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that through Him we can live with our Father in Heaven again. I am grateful for the gospel and the knowledge and joy it brings to me. I love being a missionary and serving the Lord.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!! And a very Merry Christmas! I will see you in three days 🙂
Sister Jones

Sorry for no pictures… the computer I am on doesn’t have a slot for my SD. Pictures to come next week!!


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