Week 47- Where to begin! So many things happened this week….

Where to begin! So many things happened this week!
For starters, on Tuesday we did lots of service. We helped the Stansburys clean up the leaves in their yard and clean out their gutters. I have never seen so many leaves in my life! We each got a turn to drive his tractor and pick up the leaves. I had never done that before. at something called Produce to People. I’ve talked about it before, but it is a place where anyone in the Butler community can line up and get food for their families. It only happens the last Tuesday of the month and I love going every time. It was really cold this time, but still so many people were lined up because they needed food. It has allowed me to see how much I have been blessed with in my life.
Thanksgiving was so awesome! It was such a great day. We went over to the Adduru’s, who are members, and helped them cook Thanksgiving dinner. I was in charge of mashed potatoes so I made them like we do at home. We were able to play some games with their family and just have a good time. This Thanksgiving was a little different in some of the food choices that we had. Elder Alexander is from Jamaica so he made us ox tail. You bet I tried it. It was actually really tasty. It was made into a stew with all kinds of spices and peppers. Their were habenero peppers in it so of course it was super spicy. I had turkey too. After the Adduru’s we went to the Bonetti’s, another member family, and had dinner there. I haven’t eaten that much food in my life! I tried to limit myself when I was at each house. It turned out to be a really great day. It snowed that night and covered the ground.
Friday morning we left to travel to Pittsburgh for our Mission Leader Council. MLC was good as usual. We talked about the new “He is the Gift” Initiative that the Church is putting out. It is so amazing. If you visit http://www.mormon.org/christmas you can check it out! It is so powerful! The Church is trying to help others remember what the true meaning of Christmas is. Our Savior is the greatest gift we have received and will ever receive in our lives. We must discover Him, embrace Him, and share Him with everyone that we know.
Friday night we were able to play volleyball with all the sister training leaders and zone leaders. It was a lot of fun. After that Sister Tolman and I traveled back to Swissvale! We stayed their for the night. It was so neat being able to go back to my old area and stayed at my old apartment. Saturday morning we woke up early to make all the sister training leaders and zone leaders to have our own Turkey Bowl. It was a ton of fun! It was freezing that early in the morning, but I enjoyed it. I am always up for playing sports.
We had something so awesome happen last night! Shana had her interview for baptism. Side note: Tiera decided that she wasn’t ready to get baptized on the 6th, but we set her with Jan 3rd so she can prepare more fully. Back to the interview. Our District Leader Elder Garduno and his companion Elder Stallings showed up to do the interview. When they got there Shana’s father, Marvin, came out to greet them. Keep in mind he hasn’t ever come out to talk with us he always sits in the kitchen. Cool thing is is that the kitchen is where they did the interview. The best part of the story is after the interview. Shana comes out happy as can be and Elder Garduno said she is definitely ready to be baptized. As we were talking Marvin came out and talked with us. Marvin said that he is happy for Shana and that she is being an example for their whole family. He asked what church we went to and then Teresa said that we are the one true church. The Elders asked what he thought about that and he said that he would have to come and see. I bore my testimony to them of the blessings that would come from having the gospel in their home. I told them that they could be a forever family. Teresa started crying as I bore testimony. I felt prompted to commit them to meet with us as a whole family during our next lesson. They said yes! I think that this is what the family needs. They need to do it together and support one another. They are super accepting of the things we teach and I think that they will all desire to be baptized. We are meeting with them all tonight!
So many good things are happening in Butler. I seriously love this place and the people here. There are two weeks left of this transfer and I am going to make every day count!
I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Jones

P.S. Sister Tolman left her camera at home and she has the Thanksgiving pictures, so those won’t come until next week. But we did get to go the overlook when we drove through Pittsburgh. Isn’t it beautiful! I love this city!


Sister Tolman and I

Sister Tolman and I


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