Week 46- Progression…

Another amazing week in Bulter 🙂 I hope you all had a great week and that you had opportunities to share the gospel with people you know.
This week started off by going out to try and find someone hispanic people to teach. It is kinda of like searching for gold in a gold mine. Not too many live here in Butler. But we exercised our faith and we acutally found two potential people! We knocked on the door and this lady comes to the door and speaks english. Sister Tolman didn’t want to assume she spoke Spanish, so I pointed at a Puerto Rican flag that I saw and asked if she was from there. She answered yes and then Sister Tolman started speaking to her in spanish. Sister Tolman asked if she could practice her spanish with her so we came back on Wednesday and talked with Vimari about the Book of Mormon. I still don’t speak the language very well, but I can understand a lot of it. I didn’t do much talking during the lessons, but it has been a really awesome opportunity to hear it and allow Sister Tolman to practice speaking. From studying it everyday I can say a lot more, but it still takes me a while to form sentences. Well see how it goes teaching Vimari.
We had a couple lessons with the Hoy Family this week. On Wednesday we actually had the whole family minus their dad in the room for the lesson: Lemont, Shana, Tiara, Shekera, and Teresa. It was a really awesome lesson. We talked about the importance of prayer and ready our scriptures. At the end of the lesson we asked if one of them would say the closing prayer and Shana said that she would. I LOVE hearing investigators and recent converts pray. It is so innocent and so heartfelt. After she prayed her dad was in the room behind Teresa and he said, “that was a great prayer Shana.” He always sits in the kitchen while we have the lessons. We know that he is listening even though he doesn’t come in the room. We met with them again on Friday and this time it was only the three girls and Teresa. The first thing the girls say when we walk into the house is, “We read what you told us to read and we even wrote things down!” It was so awesome to see how excited they were to read and that they were keeping their commitments. We talked about obedience, keeping the commandments (I have little hand gestures for these that help you remember them… so we talk them to the girls), following the prophet, and keeping the sabbath day holy. The girls are really taking things in and are showing that they are excited to learn. We asked Tiara and Shekera if they would be baptized as well. Tiara said yes and that she wants to do it on the same day as Shana. Shekera, who is only 13, was hesitant and said that she wanted to think about it. As of right now we have Shana and Tiara set with December 6th! They came to church again this Sunday and were excited as usual. We had a lesson with them on Sunday as well. I asked them how their prayers were going and they said good. I asked them how often they pray a day and they told us that they prayed twice a day. I was so shocked. At their age I didn’t say morning and evening prayers. I asked them if they had always done this and they said that they didn’t start until we started teaching them 🙂 I asked if praying twice a day has made a difference in their lives. Shana told us that it made her happier when she prayed. They also told us that they read together out of the Book of Mormon as well. These little girls have just blown me away! I definitely did not do all those things when I was younger. It helped me know that they are learning and that they have felt the spirit as we have taught them. Their baptisms are coming up soon and we want to make sure that they are ready so we are going to be meeting with them a couple of times this week.
Oh and Shana told me that she wanted to go on a mission when she is older! That made me so happy to hear that and I know that it made Heavenly Father happy to. I hope she stays true to that and that she does go on a mission. She would make one fantastic missionary 🙂
Kristin Green came to church this week! We had a really good lesson with her on Thursday. We talked about the importance of church and why we need to go in order to help us learn. She told us that it isn’t that she doesn’t want to go to church, but that she has to drive her mom around for work on Sundays. We finally told Kristin that we have done all that we can to try and help her, but now it is up to her whether or not she wants to start coming back to church. Kristin said that she understood and that she would work something out with her mom. Sure enough she was there!
Although the weather is nice today as I am emailing it was not so nice the other night. Thrusday night we had an appointment cancel on us so we decided to go tracting to invite people to a Forum that we are having on the Book of Mormon. We don’t have any places to OYM in our area of Butler so this was our only option. When we started out it was around 7:45pm and about 24 degrees. I bundled up with two coats, three pairs of socks, fleece tights, a scarf, and two pairs of gloves. I learned from last winter to not mess around. The only thing I didn’t have was a hood on. We knock a couple of houses and little flurries start coming down, nothing too bad. We keep going. A few more houses in it starts to snow really heeavy. We were already far from our car so we decided to track the houses on our way back. People probably thought we were crazy. By the end of it we were both covered in SNOW so was the ground, the car, and it was 19 degrees! We could have given up and gone straight back to the car, but we decided that we needed to perservere. I knew that we needed to show Heavenly Father our faith and that we were willing to do whatever it took to find people to share the gospel with. My mission has taught me to never give up and always trust in the Lord.
The work has really been picking up in Butler and it has been awesome to see it grow. I am loving it here and have enjoyed every moment!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love yins!
Sister Jones ❤

Our night of tracting


Sister Tolman and I

Sister Tolman and I


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