Week 35- I love feeling the spirit and sharing the gospel….

Hey yinz guys!
This week went by so fast! Lots of things happened this week. Lots of traveling on our part. This week started out with an exchange with the Sisters in Brookville. This was my first actual exchange as a sister training leader. All last transfer we just blitzed each area. It wasn’t as fun as this exchange was. I stayed in Butler with Sister Williams and we got a lot of work done.
We taught our investigator Carrie. The lesson went really well. We talked about the Restoration and the importance of the Book of Mormon. The crazy thing about Carrie is that she has a lot of knowledge about the gospel. She will tell us her beliefs and they are exactly what we teach within our church. She has found these truths from all the different churches she has researched. I told her that all those truths were taught within a single church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It saddens me that people don’t recognize that all the truth can be found in one place. That is why it is so important that we share the message of the Restoration with people and help them see why a Restoration was needed. I don’t think that has clicked with Carrie yet, but are going to help her feel the spirit testify of it.
We also had our investigator Valerie drop us out of the blue! We were so sad. She went to go see her parents this weekend and then we tried to set up an appointment when she got back and she said she wanted to take a break. We hope that we can talk to her and see why she wants to stop investigating. It seems that whenever someone gets close to doing something good Satan is right there to pull them away. We don’t give up on people despite the adversity that comes.
We traveled to Pittsburgh on Thursday night and I got to go back to Swissvale for the night!! We stayed in my old apartment and then went to MLC on Friday morning. It was so weird being back in Swissvale and not serving there. It was really fun to get to see the area again and be back in the apartment. MLC was awesome on Friday. We talked more about Family History. Our mission president has asked us to catch the spirit of Elijah by doing our own family history work. It has been really neat to read stories about those in the past and see census records, etc. Family History work is so important. Without us our ancestors cannot become perfected. They are waiting for us to do their work. They need us just as much as we need them. Our purpose in doing this is so that we can use family history as a missionary tool. The crazy thing was that we got a call from a lday namd Beverly on Saturday. She told us that some girls had come by her house two years ago and gave a card for familysearch.org. She moved and ended up miss placing the card. Once unpacked at the new home she found the card again, but then lost it. She recently found the card and both her and her sister were able find their grandfather that they didn’t know. She thanked us for bringing the card and she has shared family search with a lot of her friends. It was awesome to see the spirit of Elijah working within Beverly and her desire to help others increased as well.
We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Tiny. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how it is the keystone of our religion. He has told us that he knows it is true so we wanted to help him understand that by knowing the Book of Mormon is true he knows that Jesus is our Savior, Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord’s kingdom established on the earth once again. He told us that it all made sense to him. I asked him if he believed Joseph Smith is a prophet God and he paused, thought for a moment, and then answered, “Actually yes I do.” We talked about how we have had prophets ever since Joseph Smith and that we have one on the earth today. We talked about Thomas S. Monson and asked if he believed he was a prophet. He answered that he needed to listen to him first. During the lesson he was already having us look up talks by President Monson so that he could listen to them. It is so amazing to see the progression that Tiny is making. He asked us what the next lesson was on and we told him the Word of Wisdom. He started looking it up on his phone. This is going to be one of our biggest challenges with him. We just have to help him understand the importance of commandments and why we should obey them. I know that Tiny is being prepared to accept the gospel. They tell us so many stories that are bringing Tiny closer to the Lord.
The craziest thing happened during our lunch with Tiny and Jeanette. We are eating and talking and then all of a sudden I see something fall out of the sky. I thought to myself,”Was that a leaf? That was pretty big. Is the sky falling?” I felt kind of like Chicken Little. Well I leaned over the table and a bird is just lying there on it’s back. It fell out of the sky from nowhere! All I could say is, “Why is it dying?” Everyone looked at the bird. The bird flipped over and you could see it breathing so hard. Jeanette picked it up and put it back in their garden. It was the strangest thing ever.
Another crazy thing happened yesterday. We haven’t seen our investigator Angie in two weeks. We haven’t had time to go down to Chicora since it is on the one of the farthest corners of our area. I tried to see her earlier this week while we were on exchanges, but no one was home which is really strange. Raphaela, a member from our ward who is Angie’s fellow shipper, asked if we would go with her to Chicora after church. We said of course! We get to Angie’s house and her grand kids answer the door and say, “Grandma isn’t here.” I was surprised that Angie wasn’t home. She always is. They told us that she was at their Aunt Tracy’s. We asked how long she had been there and they said they didn’t know. I asked how long she would be there and again they said they didn’t know. I told them to go get their dad so that we could talk with him. DJ, Angie’s son, came to the door. HE told us that Angie was going to be gone for a couple of months. We were shocked and then he said, “Oh we didn’t tell you. My mom found out that she had a brain tumor and they had to do an emergency surgery about two weeks ago. She just got out of the hospital this past Wednesday.” I was not expecting that at all! He invited us in and he showed us a picture of Angie’s CAT-scan. Her tumor was almost a third of her brain. He told us that she went in to see if she had depression and then the found out she had the tumor and did surgery that night. As they were transporting her to the hospital she started to decline and go in and out of consciousness. They caught just in time and said that if she had come a day later she would have died. DJ told us that Angie is doing fantastic and has been recovering quickly. He said that she is a completely different person; happy, energetic, and mobile. No one would have ever known that she had that tumor had she not gone in to get a check up on depression. It was a lesson to me to never take anything for granted not even the fact that I wake up every morning and that we kept seeing Angie for a reason. We almost dropped her a couple of times, but always decided at the last moment to not. We always felt like something was blocking her from truly feeling the spirit and acting upon the things we taught her. Because she is staying at her daughter’s house she is now out of our area, but we want to transfer her to other missionaries. We met Angie for a reason that day she was sitting outside her house and we were walking by. I can’t wait to see her!
I cannot express how much I love being a missionary. I love feeling the spirit and sharing the gospel.
I love you all and I hope yinz have a great week 🙂
Sister Jones

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