Week 30- I am not the teacher, the spirit is. I am only an instrument….

How yinz guys doing?
This week was really awesome! We had some funny things happen. First off we left Monday night and drove an hour and a half northeast to Brookville, Pa. We had an exchange with our sisters up there. We ended up blitzing their area and it was so much fun. I love getting to see the different areas. Brookville was so cute. I went on an exchange with Sister Hansen. We had a good time. We walked around to save some of their miles and it felt like being back in Pittsburgh. I was able to talk to so many people. Being in a car I don’t feel as productive because in Pittsburgh wherever I went I was talking to people, even when I was on the bus. It was fun to do that again.
Last p-day we went to a member’s house and started painting. Her name is Jan, and she is really good at it so we decided to have her teach us. I have discovered that I really like painting. I am not very good at it but I can see why so many people love doing it. It is so relaxing! We are going back to her house today to finish out paintings. We’ll see how mine turns out…
Funny stories for this week:
Ok this is one isn’t funny, but more of gross. One night we come home and go into our room to daily plan for the next day. We are sitting on the floor and all of a sudden I notice a little maggot on me. It rolled off of my shirt and onto the floor. We go to look for it and notice that there is more than one of them on the floor. We start wigging out and wondering where in the world they came from. I go and grab tweezers and start picking them up and putting them in a plastic bag. I ended up collecting ten of them. Nasty! We vacuumed the floor twice. We searched to see where they came from and then noticed holes in our ceiling right above where they were. We took some good ol’ duck tape and covered the holes. We then remembered that we had heard a critter in our ceiling a week before. We only heard one day and then never again. We think that the critter must have died… Pretty gross right? Now onto the funny stuff.
We went to go check in on a potential investigator, Tammy, that we had left with a Book of Mormon a couple of weeks ago. We knock on her door, she answers and tells us that now is not a good time because she is on the phone. We tell her that we will come back and so we walk away from the door. Her window right next to the door had an air conditioning unit in it, but it didn’t fit in the window so there was a gap on the right side. As we are walking pass the window one of her little dogs sticks his head out the window and he jumps out! We didn’t want the dog to run away so we call him over and start knocking on the door. We knock and knock and get no answer. I was afraid the dog was going to run away so I picked him up… bad idea. All of a sudden I hear Sister Thomas start yelling, “He’s peeing! He’s peeing!” I start laughing and put the dog down. He ended up peeing on Sister Thomas… my bad! But we decide to open up the door a little and call into Tammy .We thought we heard “let him in” so we did just that. Well then we hear “No! Don’t let him in!” The dog goes straight for her little Chihuahua that was in the kitchen. Apparently he didn’t like the Chihuahua. Tammy comes running and grabs him and puts him in the back room. It all turned out fine. The Chihuahua was smart and hid and she grabbed the dog fast enough. We walked away laughing because it was the weirdest experience ever!
After this we went to see our investigator Angie. The coolest thing happened! We had left her with the commitment to finish reading 2 Nephi 2 after our last visit on Sunday. We walked in and I noticed something different about her. She looked happier, she looked brighter (if that even makes sense), but she just looked like that spirit was with her. As we talked with her we found out that she had read her Book of Mormon after we had left on Sunday! This was now Thursday and that effects from reading were still visible. It was a testament to me of the power that the Book of Mormon has. Angie read only a couple of verses and we noticed a difference in her four days later. The spirit that comes from the Book of Mormon is amazing. I have noticed it as I have read from it everyday for the last seven months. I know that it has been inspired by God for us to have in these latter-days. There is power in every word. It can put a light into all of us. We can be that light that is on a hill that cannot be hidden. I know the Book of Mormon to be true.
I have really started focus more on the Book of Mormon lately and helping understand why it is so important to know if the Book of Mormon is true. The Book of Mormon is the reason that I am out here. Everyone has the Bible, but not the Book of Mormon. It has so much power within the text to convince people that Jesus is our Savior and that a Restoration has happened. I challenge you all to read the Book of Mormon daily. It will keep your testimony of the Restoration strong and it will bring the spirit into your lives.
We had a really amazing lesson with our less-active family that we are teaching. We had members come with us and we taught them the Restoration. Patty, Brandi, and Hope had told us that they had heard the Restoration so many times, but Sister Thomas and I felt that they didn’t really understand it. We taught to their needs and we could see that their eyes were opened. They really understood why a Restoration was needed. It was so cool to see how the spirit can guide you to use certain scriptures, to say certain things, to use a certain analogy that really helps them understand what is being taught. Without the spirit I could not teach. I know that to be true. I am not the teacher, the spirit is. I am only an instrument. We are making a lot of progress with this family. They are coming to church and the girls are really starting to open up. I am excited to see what the future holds for them!
Being a missionary rocks! I cannot put into words how much I love being a missionary. There is nothing more important that I could being doing with my life right now. I know that this is where the Lord wanted me to be. It took me a while to realize that the Lord wanted me to go on a mission, but I am so grateful that I opened my heart to the promptings of the spirit and followed Heavenly Father’s will. I love the people that I am serving in Butler! I love you all! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Jones

Sister Thomas and I

Sister Thomas and I

 Licking St... we thought it was fitting :P

Licking St… we thought it was fitting 😛

Me in Brookville at the Red Bank

Me in Brookville at the Red Bank

Sister Thomas and I

Sister Thomas and I

the beginning stages of my painting.... don't judge

the beginning stages of my painting…. don’t judge

Me trying to picture up this cow. It is actually a couple of inches off the ground. You just can't see it. If you squint and tilt your head to the right you can see it. Try it :)

Me trying to picture up this cow. It is actually a couple of inches off the ground. You just can’t see it. If you squint and tilt your head to the right you can see it. Try it 🙂


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