Week 22- I will not be confounded before men…

Hey yins!
Hope you all had a fantastic week! This week here in the burgh was great 🙂 Perfect weather all week long.
On Thursday we had dinner at a less-active’s house. His family is Polynesian, so they made us a family favorite. They grilled homemade teriyaki chicken and rice. It was soooo good! It made me want to go to Hawaii. One of my favorite meals yet!
Our investigator Sisi no longer has a baptismal set. You can tell that Satan is working really hard on her to keep her from being baptized. Her mom told her that she should wait until she has gone to other churches to see if this one is the right one. Being ten, she is trusting in her mom. Nevertheless she is still coming to church and going to activity days. We are giving it time and continuing to teach her until she decides whether she wants to be baptized or not. She is still the sweetest thing ever and she is really blossoming in the church. She has made new friends and is comfortable walking to her own classes and what not.
We saw our investigator Josh last week and it was such a powerful lesson. We would state something and then he would come up with a question that would try to contradict what we should. Josh is all about having physical evidence of the Nephites/ Lamanites existing other than the Book of Mormon. He kept talking about archeological finds and scientific theories and how there are so many Gods that other people believe in how do we know our God is the true God. I knew we weren’t there to prove our point or to even fight with him, all we were there to do was share what we know. I did exactly that. I bore my testimony to him and told him I didn’t know everything about science, history, or archeology, but that I do know that there is one God and He is the God I pray to. I told him that I know the Book of Mormon is true and it because of the witness that I have received from the Holy Ghost. I told him we weren’t there to argue. I told Josh that my witness from the spirit that this is the true church was all I needed to believe. I don’t need physical evidence because that isn’t faith, faith is believing without seeing. I know that he felt something as I spoke. After I finished he couldn’t say anything. One big thing that I have learned on my mission so far is that nobody can dispute your testimony. It is truths that we have come to know by the power of the Holy Ghost. I am grateful for the testimony that I have and that Heavenly Father has promised that I will not be confounded before men. I have seen that first hand. Being on a mission has strengthened my testimony so much and I only want to strengthen it more.
We did service on Friday morning for a sister in our ward. Her husband is suffering from Parkinson’s and she can’t really workout in the yard as much as she used to. Sister Zaugg and I went over and we helped trim a tree in her backyard so that she could park underneath it. We got to chop a lot of that poor tree down. We helped loosen some soil so that she could plant flowers. While doing so we found/ took out a root that was as long as me! I will be sending a picture.
This morning was good too. We studied, cleaned, and then headed to the grocery store. We usually walk to the store, but we saw the bus coming so we decided to get on. Little did we know that this bus had already gone to the store so it was making its other rounds. We ended riding the bus all the way around, back to our house and then to the store. While on the bus a member texted us saying that she wasn’t feeling well and if we could do her a favor and get her some things at the store. We told her yes, it would change our plans for the day, but we knew the Lord would want us to. We got everything we needed and then headed home. Once home we ate lunch and then headed back out. While walking to the member’s home we ran into a lady we know on the street named Andrea. We talked with her and she offered to take us to lunch to get Thai food next week 🙂 We made it to the member’s home, talked for a few and then left to catch a bus. We get to the stop light and we see the bus turning! We still have to cross the street to get to the bus stop. We start running and flagging the bus down. Luckily the bus driver stopped because sometimes they don’t. We got on the bus and everything turned out to be right on schedule. I know that Lord was helping us accomplish everything that we needed to do today while also accomplishing those things He needed us to do today. I know the Lord wanted me to learn that I am here to serve others and not myself. By serving others I am serving Him. It changed our plans for the day, but we were able to help someone in need and still have everything work out. When we are in the service of our fellow beings we are only in the service of our God.
Serving a mission for the Lord is such a privilege and I am so grateful to be out here.
I love you all! Have a great week 🙂
Sister Jones

i told you it was a city within a jungle

i told you it was a city within a jungle

i told you it was a city within a jungle

i told you it was a city within a jungle

the root was as long as me

the root was as long as me



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