Week 21- Become as a little child…

Another week bites the dust! Time goes by so quickly out here. Yesterday was my five month mark as a missionary. Another transfer is almost over. We only have three weeks left of this one. We will have to see if I am staying here in Swissvale or if I will be moving. This is my fourth transfer in Swissvale. I love it here! I can walk around and usually run into someone that I know or have met before it’s awesome πŸ™‚ The people here are so friendly. The weather is starting warm up and I’m getting pretty tan. Don’t worry mom I’m wearing sun screen πŸ™‚ It’s suppose to get really hot in July so we will see how that goes… It’s pretty humid here. Some days are better than others.
Yesterday was fast Sunday and it was so good. We had our little investigator Sisi come to church again and she sat next to me. During testimonies she looked at me and said “will you go up there for me?” I said yes, so as soon as the person was done I went up, but as I got up so did the Elders in our ward and then Sister Zaugg followed behind. We all went up at the same time and didn’t even plan it. I bore my testimony about missionary work and how important it is. This gospel has brought me so much joy and all I want to do is share it with others. Heavenly Father wants us to share it with others.
We had a lesson with Sisi last week on the Word of Wisdom. She was good with everything, but coffee. She has never had it before, but it looks so good and she has always wanted to try it. We explained to her why we didn’t and the blessings that come from not drinking it. After we finished talking she looks at us and says “I just had a thought.” We said share it! Sisi told us that while we were talking a thought popped into her head that it wasn’t worth it, that trying coffee wasn’t worth it. I told her that that was the spirit talking to her. She smiled and told us that she would live the Word of Wisdom. This ten year old girl amazes me. She is so open to the promptings of the spirit. The phrase “become as a little child” has taken on a whole new meaning since we have been teaching her. All Sisi wants to do is make Heavenly Father happy and she doesn’t let her pride or carnal desires get in the way. Some of these adults that we teach can be so stubborn or so set in their ways and don’t always listen to what the spirit is telling them. I know that if we humble ourselves and become as a little child we will be more open to the promptings of the spirit and receive the guidance we are all looking for.
We were serenaded by a little girl yesterday. We were walking around and talking to people who were outside and we started talking to this lady named Tina. Her granddaughter came out and we started talking with her about dance and singing. She told us that she could sing so she started singing frozen songs and she was phenomenal and she was only six!
We have been finding a lot of new people to teach. We have been talking with everyone. The other night we saw a lady gardening so we walked over to talk to her. I guess we didn’t make any noise because when we said hi she jumped and turned around. She started laughing and so did we. We talked about gardening and then she mentioned that her husband had passed a couple of years ago. I told her that I knew she would see her husband again. As I said this I could see tears forming her eyes. This lead to us talking more about the plan of salvation because she started asking more questions. We got her info and a return appointment. When leaving she told us that she knew the reason she came outside was to talk to us. She has been really lonely and it was so nice to talk with people and she was interested in what we had to say. She was so grateful that we stopped to talk to her. She gives us hugs and we said goodbye. Everyone needs the gospel, some are aware of it and some are not, but everyone needs it. There are those who aren’t ready to accept it, but it important to share it with all because we are preparing them to accept it in the future. I know the message that we have to share will help anyone and everyone.
While studying out of the Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith I came across this quote by Joseph Smith, β€œIn relation to the kingdom of God, the devil always sets up his kingdom at the very same time in opposition to God.” I believe this to be so true and I have seen how true it is out here on my mission. As hard as we are working to share the gospel, Satan is working just as hard to keep us from sharing it and others from accepting it. I know that as long as I am working my hardest good will always conquer evil.
My love for my other brothers and sisters has grown so much since I have been out here. As I meet and talk with them I can just feel Heavenly Father’s love for them and it just makes my love grow. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves us and is always willing to show us that love.
I hope you all have a fantastic week! Go out and share the gospel πŸ™‚
Sister Jones


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