Week 20 pt.2- Elder Hollands visit

oh my goodness! I can’t believe I didn’t talk about Elder Holland! All 259 of us missionaries met in a church building and heard Elder Holland speak. It was fantastic. We started the meeting by going one by one to shake his hand. It was nuts. I was so scared. We sat back down and then two other men spoke to us. When Elder Holland spoke I thought he was going to rebuke us, but he didn’t. The first thing he says is “i just had a mini interview with all of you. When you walked up and shook my hand and I looked unto your eyes I could see how you were doing. Most of you are doing well, but some of you are struggling.” He gave us a pep talk and told us to keep going out and doing the work. This spirit was so strong and you could tell that he loves us all so much. He told us that we need to focus and work our very hardest every day. He said that when we leave our missions we shouldn’t be the same as when we came out. We should be beyond exhausted and have done our very best. He cautioned us to remain active after we leave. He said nothing disappoints him, the brethren, and the prophet more than return missionaries going less-active. He told us to continue striving to become better disciples of Christ even after our missions. He told us that we need to be better a missionary than He was. I really needed to hear a lot of the things he said and it helped me to stay motivated to do the Lord’s work. I am so grateful for His apostles that lead and guide our church.


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