Week 14! I Am Officially A Trainer…

Spring is coming! Spring is coming! The weather has been so nice out here. It got to 86 yesterday after it poured rain for about five minutes in the morning. Unfortunately it is suppose to snow tomorrow. Pittsburgh is really bipolar with weather. The flowers are starting to blossom and it is making me really happy 🙂 I actually got a little sunburned the other day and it wasn’t even that hot. That tells you how long it has been since my skin has seen the sun. Not cool. haha
I am officially a trainer! Sister Zaugg (I spelled it wrong last time… my bad!) is now here in Swissvale. She is really awesome. She’s nineteen and originally from Canada, her family now lives in Provo. Teaching her this week has really shown me that God puts us where we need to be. Sister Zaugg is going to be able to help a lot of the people here. We are still working out how to teach with one another, but that will come with time. She is really progressing and it is cool to see how much I am learning from her. I guess the saying “the teacher learns more from the students than the students do from the teacher” is true. I have definitely learned a lot from her.
I picked Sister Zaugg up on Tuesday and went to a training on how to be a trainer. I had to say goodbye to Sister Stokes, but luckily she isn’t too far and she is still in my zone so I will see her once every transfer.
This week we found a lot of potentials which we now have to follow up on and hopefully start teaching them. I have become really comfortable with OYM-ing (opening your mouth) and I have been talking to a lot of people. It is really cool to see how your mouth is literally filled with words once you start talking to someone. I am pretty excited about summer because everyone here has porches and they like to sit outside all day which will be nice for us because we will have lots of people to talk to.
I met a crazy on the bus the other day. Well not a crazy but this old man who said that Mormons were a cult. I promised him that we were not and that we were Christians just like he was. He started to tell me that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that he had done his research and he knew. He said he had been to every church Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, etc. I asked him if he had ever come to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he said no. I said how do you know then if you have never been. I asked him if he has read the Book of Mormon and again he said no. He went on to tell me that he had done research in the 60s. I am not sure what kind of “research” he was doing, but he definitely did not know anything about our church and he wasn’t willing to listen. I was actually pretty bold with him and I told him that I knew this church was true and I knew that we have worthy leaders who lead and guide our church. If he wasn’t open to hearing more that was his choice. I was just inviting him to learn more. The only part that stunk was that I had to continue sitting by him for the rest of the bus ride, it was only five minutes, but it was still weird.
All the other people I talked to that day were really nice and very polite. My favorite part when trying to find new people is listening to the spirit and telling them what God wants them to know and helping them see that the message we share can bless their lives. You can see that it touched them and that the spirit is speaking to them. Yesterday actually we knocked on this lady’s door and she tried to push us away by saying she believe in God, but didn’t see a need to go to church. I felt impressed to tell her that God has a plan for her and that plan is of greatness. She can find out this plan by reading the Book of Mormon. I told her that there was more to come after this life, more joy to experience than we can ever imagine. I can tell it touched her because she then asked if we were giving out the Book of Mormons. I told her yes and gave her the one I was holding. We are going to try and set up a time to meet with her this week. If we listen to the spirit it will tell us what those around us need.
Oh!! So I was braiding my bangs the other morning and while looking in the mirror I notice a black spot on my shirt. I look down and it starts to move!! I realized it was a spider and then I started to call Sister Zaugg to get it off of me, but due to my panic I couldn’t remember her name. All I could say was Sister… Sister… Sister! She knocked it off of me and then I squished it with a shoe. It was a nasty looking spider too. I am not having the best luck with spiders out here.
We had a lot of our investigators show up at church this week!! That was awesome. The two of us couldn’t keep track of them all (all as in 6).
We focused on teaching the importance of coming to church and the fact that it is a commandment. With out investigator T she didn’t even know it was a commandment. We taught her about it and at the end she said I just need to take off work and come. I know God wants me to. I know that we are blessed for going to church each week. Yes we are commanded to keep the sabbath day holy, but the Lord blesses us for doing it. By going to church we can feel the spirit, feel God’s love, and support one another.
I am so grateful to be a part of this church and to have the knowledge that I do. The gospel is so amazing and so many people are missing out on the blessings from it. It is hard when people say no or don’t accept what we share, but that is what comes with agency. I love being a missionary and talking with everyone!! I love you all and have a great week!!
Sister Jones

Sister Zaugg and I

Sister Zaugg and I

Sister Zaugg and I

Sister Zaugg and I

CIMG0915 CIMG0941


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