Week 12! Flowers Are Starting To Spring Up….

Well this is the last week of my second transfer!! I am almost done with training. This is a happy feeling and a sad feeling because I may have to leave Swissvale. So many things are happening here and we have such amazing people that we are teaching. I don’t want to have to say goodbye to them. Which I may not have to if President Topham decides to keep me here.
It is nice and sunny here in Pittsburgh. I am not wearing a jacket and I am not wearing tights! This is a new thing for me. I forgot how white my legs are. They really haven’t seen the sun in three months. Flowers are starting to spring up!! Hopefully spring is coming. This week’s forecast says it will be warmer but who knows. It snowed this past Wednesday.
I got to watch the Women’s Broadcast on Saturday which was really awesome. So many great talks. We as women really do need to support one another and help each other grow in the gospel. We actually got to stay out past 9:30 because it didn’t start until 8 here since we are two hour ahead of Utah. Rebel!
Our baptism that was suppose to happen on March 17th is this Friday!! Crazy. My first baptism out on the mission. It has definitely been a struggle to make this baptism happen, but God works miracles. Everything is working out and D should be baptized on the 4th.
We have an investigator named G that we are teaching. We met in the beginning of February. He was the one who had the word of wisdom problem. We ended up dropping him shortly after that because we felt he wasn’t accountable. This past week we picked we went and visited him while we were in the area. He was doing so much better. He was actually sober this time. So we have picked him back up again and we are teaching him. He is such a sweet man and he is lost. He is looking for direction and I know that he has no clue where to find it. I know that the gospel will help him. I think it already has. He has changed just from the few times we have met him. He talks about his pain a lot. He has a lot of medical issues : diabetes, epilepsy, back pain, and knee pain. We told him that he could pray to Heavenly Father to receive the strength to endure these trials. I think once he starts living the Word of Wisdom and applying the atonement in his life a lot of the pain will go away. I am excited to see how the gospel can bless him.
T is doing really well. She re-hurt her back when it was just getting better. Go figure. We invited her to D’s baptism and she said she would come. She is actually really excited about it. I think it will be good for her because it will help her feel the spirit and prepare her for her own baptism on May 3rd. We haven’t been able to get her to church, but she is coming to watch General Conference with us (which I am super stoked about!). The change in her has been tremendous. She is really applying the atonement in her life and she told us that she is seeing a huge change in the relationships she has with family members and friends. She even said she has seen a difference in how she handles situations which in the past would have made her mad. The gospel really does bless families. It allows us to experience happiness. T is truly an amazing woman and I have come to really love her.
We picked up another investigator named Char and we had our first lesson with her on Wednesday. It was such a good lesson. When we first got there and sat down she had to get up to go give something to her son. Sister Stokes looked at me and said do you feel it. I just sat there and breathed in, the spirit was so strong. My whole body was filled with warmth. We had an amazing lesson with her about the Restoration. Every time we teach about the Restoration and get to Joseph Smith’s first vision the spirit is so strong. I usually quote it because Sister Stokes doesn’t have it memorized, and I always feel the spirit and it continually testifies to me that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he did restore Christ’s church. I know that to be true with all my heart.
Yesterday was such a good day. I was so happy. I have really come to know most of the people in my ward. I am sad to say I don’t know all of them, but I know most. I have made really good relationships with them and I walked into church and said hi to all of them. My mission President came to our ward yesterday so I got to see him and his wife. That was super fun. I have seen them so many times within my first two transfers it is pretty cool. I thought I wouldn’t know my mission President very well, but I was wrong.
You will all have to come out to Pittsburgh some time in your life.It is such an incredible city!!! So many cool things. Cool thing of the week is that apparently Russell Crow is filming a movie in Pittsburgh, maybe I’ll see him!! Haha Pittsburgh is popular for filming movies because it is so stinkin’ awesome.
Love you all. Have a fantastic week. Keep reading, praying, and going to church. CPR. It will keep your spirit alive in the gospel.
Sister Jones

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