Week 10! Happy Saint Patricks Day Everyone!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!! I hope you are all wearing green.

I hit my two month mark on the 13th! It’s nuts!

Earlier this week we had exchanges. I stayed in Swissvale and Sister Stokes went to Penn Hills. A missionary came here with me and I had to be the one in charge for a day. It also happened to be on a day when there was a nonstop pouring of rain; that was definitely an adventure. We waited at a bus stop for 45 minutes in the rain. Luckily there were people to talk to so the time went by faster. The whole exchange went really well. The other missionary asked me if it was my first time leading out and I told her yes, she was surprised and told me she had thought I had done it before.

I have been trying to talk to more people while on the buses and so I have made it a goal to talk to at least one person whenever I step foot onto a bus. I have kept up with my goal so far. I have been talking to people like crazy it feels.

We had zone conference on thursday and that was really cool. President Topham was there and a bunch of other missionaries. We talked about new ways to find. They stressed that we should try things other than tracting. Sister Stokes and I have really tried to find people through bus contacting or referrals from people we are teaching. It has been going really well. I gave out a few Book of Mormons this week while on the bus.

Speaking of contacting people on the bus. I met this guy about a week and a half ago. He called us the other day and we couldn’t answer so he left a voicemail. With the most ghetto voice he says, “Sista Jones. Sista Jones. This is brotha I-van. I really want to talk to ya Sista Jones. I wanna learn more about this Church of Jesus Christ of Latta Day Saints.” I chuckled when I heard it.

Our baptism that was supposed to happen today got rescheduled from April 4th. There was a big huge ordeal over the fact that baptisms can’t happen on Monday nights. Sister Stokes and I did not know this and we got the okay that we could have a baptism on a Monday. We found out you couldn’t and the mom freaked out because 3/17 meant something in her family. So this week we tried to work with her and help her calm down and pick a different date. God helped soften her heart and she picked April 4th.

We have this awesome less-active lady that we are teaching named S. She is seriously so amazing. She is always willing to give Sister Stokes and I food. On Saturday we had a lesson with these three other ladies and I ended up leaving our cell phone at their house. I didn’t notice until we had gotten home. S was coming to pick us up in an hour so we didn’t have to time to go back and get our phone. We prayed and asked God that we would find some way to get our phone back because we needed it that night. We decided to go and ask someone if we could use their phone. I asked Sister Stokes if she had the keys… she couldn’t find those either. We searched the house for ten minutes looking for them and we finally found them. While walking to the grocery store S pulls up behind us and tells us to get in. She took us to our investigator’s house. We got there just before the son was leaving. He told us to come on in and get it. I asked him if a woman was in the house. He looked at me like I was crazy. He ended up going inside and looking for it. Our phone was returned to us! Cool thing is that if we hadn’t been able to find the keys we would have missed S and we wouldn’t have gotten our phone back. God works in mysterious ways but it always is in our favor!!

I started re-reading the Book of Mormon a couple of weeks ago and I have been reading it with a particular focus on endurance. It has been pretty cool. Everyday I read I can always find something that talks about endurance or helps me understand how I can endure. I thought this would be something that you all could do. Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover with a particular question in mind or a topic. I guarantee that you will find and answer to your question or you will gain deeper understanding on the topic you are studying.

We started teaching this family this week. They are seriously so awesome. We taught them about the Restoration and they loved it. The dad said he felt just like Joseph Smith in wanting one church for everyone. He loves that the Book of Mormon talks a lot about the things in the bible. This next week we are going to teach them about the plan of salvation and think they are really going to like that. I will let you know how it goes.

I love you all! Keep reading, praying, and going to church. CPR. you need it.


Sister Jones


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