Week 9! My two months in Pittsburgh will be on the 13th of this week… crazy!

The sun is shinning and the snow has melted yet again. I hope it is permanent this time. I’ve actually been able to wear only one coat, one pair of tights, and flats instead of boots. Buds are starting to appear on trees! Birds are also starting to come back. They actually have cardinals here. I’ll have to try and get a picture sometime.

My two months in Pittsburgh will be on the 13th of this week… crazy!

    Funniest thing happened on the bus about 45 minutes ago. Sister Stokes and I are just sitting there and apparently both of us were eavesdropping on the conversation between in the two people in front of us. This man was talking about going to Hawaii and seeing the cultural center. He said that is was run by Mormons… Sister Stokes and I started chuckling and the lady looked back and saw us and then turned to the man and said there are two Mormons sitting behind us. He didn’t care and kept on with the conversation. Not that funny retelling, but it was funny in the moment.

This past week was really good.
Biggest news of this week!! We finished all the lessons with our investigator D! He is ready to be baptized on the 17th! I am going to see someone I’ve taught be baptized next monday! His mom, C, also had a really cool experience yesterday. She isn’t taking the discussions, but she sits in on the lessons with D. Last night she told us that reading the scriptures everyday and praying everyday has really strengthened her and that she has thought about being re-baptized. (C had her name removed from the records a while ago) We are hoping that when she sees D be baptized that she will want to enjoy the blessings that her son has.
We met with our investigator M on Wednesday after Book of Mormon class. He told us that while pondering he came to the conclusion that before he made any decisions about baptism he needed to learn more. We told M that this was an answer. We are still trying to help him recognize answers to his prayers. We ask him what he wanted to learn more about and he said he would think about it. It may take him a really long time to realize his answer about the church, but we are willing to work with him and help him find it.

We taught our new investigator J who is atheist. He used to be Presbyterian, but he read the bible ten years ago and he said the God they describe in those books could not exist. We tried to teach him about God’s love on Wednesday and he wasn’t really hearing any of it. He kept pulling up Bible verses that he thought showed an unloving God. This kind of bothered me after we left the lesson. During my personal study of the Book of Mormon throughout the week I have come to realize that God will preserve His righteous if that means that His wrath has to come upon the wicked. God is just and there are consequences for our actions, the people in the Bible hardened their hearts and God warned them that they needed to repent. Well… we know that they didn’t. Moral of this rant is that God does love us. If we are keeping His commandments and continually softening our hearts, He will preserve us and protects us at all costs. Sister Stokes, our member, and I all bore testimony of God’s love and told Him that he needed to have faith. Our next lesson is definitely going to be on faith.

We also taught T on Saturday. We showed her the Restoration video and she loved it! She told us that she could really relate to Joseph Smith and how confused he was. She expressed to us that was confused and that she had never really admitted that or accepted that because she always felt like it was a bad thing. Everyone around her knew what church they belonged to, but she thought every church had some truth and then some things that she didn’t like. She was searching for which church was right for her. I asked her about the Book of Mormon. She expressed to us that she never felt like it wasn’t true. We clarified and asked her if she thought it was true. She said yes. I asked what that knowledge made her want to do, she answered “know more”! We are really excited for her and she is excited for her baptismal date on May 3rd. T said that it would be a new chapter in her life!! During the video when Joseph Smith knelt down and prayed you could feel the spirit so strong. It testified again to me that Joseph Smith did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. My testimony of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon has grown tremendously in these last two months. I know that this is Christ’s church and I know that the Book of Mormon is true.

This week in Gospel Principles we talked about Our Heavenly Family. I really liked this lesson because it made me think about how we are all brothers and sisters and need to help one another. It also made me think about the family I want here and after this life. I want an eternal family. That is what I love about the gospel, my knowledge that I can have my family forever as long as I am worthy. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given worthy men the Priesthood so that covenants can be made. I am grateful for my Dad and his worthiness to hold the Priesthood so that I could receive it’s blessings while growing up.

I LOVE the gospel!! Seeing the impact the gospel has in people’s lives makes me want to share it everyday. I love you all so much!! Thank you for all the support and the love that you have shown me. You have all been examples to me and have helped me become the missionary I am today. Have a great week!


Sister Jones


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