Week 8! One Transfer And One Week In!

One transfer and one week in! Crazy! Last week I told you that the snow was gone… well it’s back and still cold, but apparently it is suppose to warm up later this week. Hopefully it’s for good. February flew by. I can’t believe it’s already March. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.

We got fed like crazy this week by our members. We had a dinner appointment every night. Our is so great they love the missionaries and they love feeding us. I have had fish more times on my mission than I have had in my life. It’s actually really good.

     We had a member this week who was our saving grace. She had signed up to feed us Friday night. Previous to this we had been having a really hard time getting a hold of and meeting with our investigator D, who is getting baptized on the 17th, and his mom C. We had tried and tried to make appointments but she wasn’t giving us the time of day. We were really worried that we wouldn’t be able to teach D and the lessons and that he wouldn’t be able to be baptized on the day he chose. Well… without us knowing, this ward member had invited C and D over to have dinner and a lesson with us. We were able to see C and D, have a lesson, and get back on track. We are still shooting for the 17th of this month!

Missionary work is going awesome!! We set our investigator T with a baptismal date, May 3rd. She has the autistic son named M. She is so amazing and you can tell that she has been prepared by God to hear the gospel. T has never read the bible and she doesn’t know much about Jesus Christ. This last lesson we had with her we read from the Bible Christ’s atonement and crucifixion. She loved it. She said that she knew Jesus Christ was who we need to follow and that she asks God for forgiveness each day. During the lesson the spirit testified to me that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that He is the only way back to God. I’m grateful for Jesus Christ and His example, I try to more like Him each and every day.

Cool story happened this morning while grocery shopping. When we go to Forrest Hills to teach a recent convert of ours we usually go to Taco Bell there. Well when we went a week ago we were making a lesson plan while eating our food. A worker who is sweeping asks us what we are studying. We told him the Book of Mormon and then started talking about what church he went to and more about the gospel. Twenty minutes pass and Sister Stokes gives him a pass along card before he left to go home. This morning we ended up running into him at the grocery store. He said that he had been talking with his fiancee and sister about the Mormon church. He said that since we talked to him a week ago he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it. We gave him a Book of Mormon and told him a little about it. He said it made sense and that he really wanted to read it. We told him to call us if he wanted to learn more about it. I have a feeling that he definitely will! While checking out of the grocery store we also ran into the man G who met tracting a while ago. he was the one who had all the medical problems and Word of Wisdom problems. He was actually sober this time and he seemed to be doing a lot better. It’s crazy that when we go places I actually recognize people because we talk to a lot of them. God is preparing people all around us.

A lot of people here love the Bible and they know it very well. During my studies this week it was reaffirmed to me through the spirit that the Book of Mormon supports the Bible. It testifies that what the prophets have said is true. Everyday as I read the Book of Mormon my testimony is strengthened in it. I learn more and more truths each day. Things that didn’t make sense before make sense now. Reading the Book of Mormon isn’t suppose to be a one time thing, or a once in a while thing, or only when I’m struggling type of thing, it is suppose to be an everyday thing. Reading the Book of Mormon allows us to plant our faith and testimony firm in the foundation of the gospel. Like in Lehi’s dream, the iron rod safely guides the people to the tree of life. They have to catch hold of the rod and continually press forward. The iron rod is the word of god and the word of God is the Book of Mormon. I know that it is true and that as I read it everyday and apply it to my life I can be safely guided back to my Father in Heaven. I encouraged you all to read the Book of Mormon daily and truly study the words it contains. I promise you that it will bless your life and that you will find the strength to endure this life.

I love my mission. I love the people of Pittsburgh. I love all of you. Keeping striving to be more like Christ in all that you do!


Sister Jones

So as you know I’m in a walk area. Well we walk a lot and up a lot of hills. My boots started to break, but don’t worry that’s what super glue is for! I super glued them and now that are good.

CIMG0703 CIMG0705 CIMG0706


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