Week Four!!

Hey yins!

This week was a crazy one. The weather itself was pretty crazy. One day it was below zero and then the next it was 52! The snow finally melted… but that was short lived because it snowed a ton this morning. The snow is really pretty but a little difficult to walk in especially up and down all the ginormous hills in Swissvale! Sister Stokes and I were actually walking down this huge hill by our house which we take to get to the bus stop. The ground was icy. I was in the front and Sister Stokes was in the back. We are walking and talking and then all of sudden the talking stops and I hear a thud. I think please tell me she didn’t fall. I turn around and she is laying on the ground laughing. I helped her up and we both started laughing. She was okay no injuries. Luckily I haven’t fallen yet… knock on wood. The people here are pretty adamant about cleaning up their sidewalks and steps. Speaking of steps! When we tract every house has about 10 steep steps up to their porch, it’s nuts. I definitely get my workout that way everyday, it’s great!

I went down to this place called the strip district last p-day which was pretty cool. We met some other missionaries down there from our zone. It is pretty much a huge flee market. There is steeler paraphernalia everywhere! It’s insane! Everybody is a steelers fan. Almost every door we knock on has a steeler sticker of some kind. But the strip district was cool to walk around and see all the stuff. I’ll to go again and get some stuff to send home. We didn’t have much time to do a whole lot of shopping.

I am going on exchanges tonight. My first one! Crazy! I have already been a missionary for a month now. Time really does fly by. I am already on my fourth week in my first area. Insane! I trained in district meeting on Thursday which was cool. A little nerve wracking since I was training all these missionaries that had been out a lot longer than I am. But it went really well.
We did a lot of tracting this week because a lot of our appointments fell through.You meet some pretty interesting people when you go tracting let me tell ya. We met this man the other day. Who was such a character. We sat on his porch and talked with him for a good hour. As we were talking and getting to know him he would stop and look at my water bottle and say “I like your jug… It just cracks me up!” and then he would comment on Sister Stokes gloves saying “Those are cute gloves, I need to get some new gloves”. He did that at least three times. He had a lot of problems. He drank, way too much. He smokes. It doesn’t help that he has diabetes and epilepsy. He said that he was in pain all the time and that’s why he drank, to numb the pain. We told him that Jesus Christ could help him overcome this pain better than any beer or cigarette could. He actually asked us to tell him where in the Bible it said that it was okay to drink if our pain was too much to handle. I told there wasn’t. He says he prays all the time for God to take away the pain. But the thing is that we need to be keeping the commandments in order for God to show us mercy. God can’t bless us if we aren’t doing what He has asked of us. We are meeting with this man later this week and I hope that we can help him see that Christ can help ease his pain. He might not take it away but he can help ease it. But he needs to do what God has asked him particularly the word of wisdom. By not drinking and not smoking and eating healthier with his diabetes, I know that his health will improve and that he won’t be in so much pain. God can work miracles he just has to show his faith. And the same goes for all of us. Miracles proceed faith.
We also have been teaching this thirteen year old boy and his mother named D and C. We have been working with them to just pick a date for D to be baptized. They kept putting it off. We had faith that the Lord would help them know that he is ready and that the time is now. Finally this week we received a call from them saying that D picked a date in march! It was so awesome and heart warming to see this young boy make that decision. C is also starting to see miracles worked in her life because of her faith and she might be baptized soon! We are still working on that. Hopefully I can update you soon. Missionary work is awesome! I love it. I love putting on my badge everyday and talking to people about our message. I challenge all of you to talk to someone. Share what you know with them. Everybody should take part in the joy of the gospel. Help out the missionaries in your ward. The best way for missionaries to find people is through the members! I love you all. Keep reading and praying everyday. The Lord will bless you for it.

Sister Jones
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