Week two!!

Sorry I didn’t get to email you yesterday! Since it was MLK day all the libraries were closed, but we got permission to email today! Yay! My first area is…. datadadaaa….. Swissvale, PA. It is about a 30-45 minute bus ride from Downtown Pittsburgh. It is a walking/bus area. There are so many hills in Pennsylvania it’s crazy! But I love it. Riding the bus is a fun adventure. I had never taken the bus to get around town before. Sometimes it is really squished and other times there is nobody on it. My companion/trainer is awesome! Her name is Sister Stokes. We get along really well which I am so thankful for. She is super sweet and has a strong testimony. She has been out for 3 months. As for Pennsylvania it is really pretty here even though it is winter and all the trees are dead. I have heard that it is super pretty when it is spring and summer. Right now the weather is cold. Really cold. As I am in the library typing it is snowing and the wind is really blowing. I am not sure what the actual degree is but take my word for it, it is cold haha. It is suppose to be pretty cold this whole week. Don’t worry mom, I am keeping warm 🙂 My mission has been a blast so far. Lots of hard work and walking. I have already seen blessings from being obedient and doing what the Lord asks. Sister Stokes and I went tracting the other day trying to find new investigators. We had been knocking for about a while when we only had one pass along card left. We decided that we would knock one more house and give it to them. We knocked on the door, the phone rang inside and then this lady just yelled who is it. Sister Stokes said the sister missionaries. You could hear her run up the stairs and then she yelled again. We answered again. Finally she came to the door and she let us in! We ended up teaching her part of the lesson and giving her a Book of Mormon. She explained to us that she is never home on Saturday nights and she never answers the door when people come over unannounced, but yet she was home on a Saturday night and she opened the door AND let us in her house. She knew that meant something and Sister Stokes and I knew it too. The Lord had prepared her to meet us and the spirit is what told her to answer the door. We were being obedient by going tracting and the Lord blessed us for it. I know that when we are exactly obedient miracles happen. Missionary work is seriously fantastic. We have had less actives calling us to meet with them and even dropped investigators calling us saying they want to start again. My favorite part of my days is my personal study time. I love reading the scriptures. I learn so much and it all makes so much since. The Lord has truly laid it out for us what we need to do in order to return to Him. I challenge all of you to read your scriptures daily. Start with a prayer and ask to receive revelation. I promise you that the Lord will bless you and that you will find answers to your questions and be able to overcome any concerns that you have. The Lord loves each and everyone one of us and he wants to help us. He has given us the scriptures to be our guides. So read them!
The ward that I am in is great. It is a bunch of young married couples with lots of young children all under the age of 8. They are all in college, but yet they all take care of us and make sure that we are fed. It’s great!
P-day was a lot of fun. I finally got to do some laundry. Luckily we have a washer a dryer in the basement of our apartment. A member took us grocery shopping. Then Sister Stokes and I went to the church building and played dodge-ball and kickball with other missionaries. That was a lot of fun. Probably the most exercise I have gotten in a while. It is way to cold in the morning to go running here.
Well I love you all. You are the best and thank you for your support! Have a great week and keep being obedient and read the BOM!

Shout out to Carie and Chris who had their birthdays! I love ya! I hope you both had wonderful days of birth haha!


Sister Jones

Sister Jones' first companion Sister Stokes

Sister Jones’ first companion Sister Stokes

Streets of Pennsylvania!

Streets of Pennsylvania!

CIMG0556 CIMG0551

Stacie: "Me being cold while waiting"

Stacie: “Me being cold while waiting”

"Me in PA"

“Me in PA”

"The Bus stop by our house"

“The Bus stop by our house”


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