Week One!!

Hey everybody,
One week down! Crazy how time flies. I feel like I have been in the MTC forever and it has only been a week. I have loved every minute of it. Mom I did get your package! It was great. Thank you 🙂 I definitely need some sugar to keep me going through these long days. But I did forget my camera some how. So if you could send that to me that would be great!
      The first day was pretty crazy. As soon as they took me away they led me to a building where I got my name badge, I was led to my room and then taken straight away to class where I met my district. Who are all really awesome. I have gotten to know my district really well and we all get along so great. My companion is Sister Moss and she is seriously fantastic. She is super funny, quirky, and really easy to get along with. I am so glad the Lord blessed me with a great first companion. We have fun but we also focus and study when we have to. Speaking of studying. I have never studied so hard or for so long in my life. Not even at college did I ever study this much. I guess the big difference is that I truly care about what I am studying and I want to prepare myself the best I can. My brain and neck literally hurts by the end of the day because I have been focusing so hard and having my neck bent over as I read the scriptures of Preach My Gospel. The MTC is just like what everyone says it is. It is like being hit with by a fire hose of the spirit… and I love it. I have never felt the spirit as much as I have felt it here. I have learned so much in my week here at the MTC, but there is still so much to be learned! I have come to know how truly important the Book of Mormon is and that as we read it our faith will continue to grow in the Savior and we will be able to receive revelation that will help us in our lives and guide us back to one day live with our Heavenly Father again. My challenge to you all is to set aside time everyday to read it. And by read it I mean read with real intent, with the desire to gain something from it. I promise you as you do you will grow in the gospel and you will come closer to God as you implement the things you learn in your life.

Sister Moss and I have investigators that we have been teaching while we are here. It was definitely scary going into my first lesson and not really knowing what I was suppose to be doing. That is usually how it goes here. You go and teach a lesson and then when you go to class they teach you what you could have use to help that lesson go more smoothly. But it is all a learning process. Overall the lessons have gone really well and I have felt the spirit in all of them. Oh and I think you would all be impressed. I have made it through lessons without crying!! I have definitely cried while here though… tears of joy of course and feeling so blessed and feeling the spirit so strongly. Back to my investigators. I have three. Kristi, Kenzi, and George. They are all amazing people. Kristi is actually our teacher pretending to be an investigator, but we can still feel the spirit as we teach her which is truly amazing. I have come to realize that even though we are members of the church we can still come closer to Christ everyday and we should always be continuously reconverted. George is my favorite investigator. He is truly an amazing man and he has such an amazing story. He had his leg amputated a while ago, like twenty years or so and through losing his leg he came to know God. I don’t have time to tell it right now but I’ll write it in a letter and send it to you guys, but I think it is one everyone needs to here. He truly strengthened my testimony of God answering prayers. And I do know that God does answer prayers. He is always there for us and waiting for us to communicate with him.

I got called to be a Sister Training Leader for my zone and district! So I get to meet the new district of missionaries that will be a part of our zone today. I get to help them through their experience at the MTC. I only have four more days left. I leave early monday more to the airport. My flight leaves monday at 8:40, so mom be ready with your phone when I call. I will be in Pennsylvania by 4:30 that night. Crazy! I am so excited to get out there!

I love this gospel. I love being a missionary and wearing the Lord’s name on my badge. I have already had so many amazing experiences here at the MTC. I wish I could share them all, but I don’t have enough time!

I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week. Next time I email it will be from Pennsylvania!


Sister Jones

IMG_3021 IMG_3020 IMG_2950


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